our moon

Our moon:

Last night, you came to my house on Aladdin’s magic flying carpet 

and as you called out my name,

I came rushing to the balcony

You asked me,” do you trust me? “

And I climbed in and replied,” beyond a doubt “

We swept through sky touching minarets and golden-domed buildings

And as the magic carpet sped up, the whole world became blurry 

And it was just you and me, our heartbeats loud in our ears as the wind cut through our skin 

And carried our shrieks and wails out into the silent night

Our hearts lurched as the carpet plummeted down onto a river and I caught a glimpse of your eyes, they were alight with a wild careless joy 

And my face shone with exhilarated excitement,

A surprised yelp escaped us as the carpet sailed towards the sky

And as we sat amongst the stars, I had never felt more alive in my life

We looked below and the lantern-lit city took our breaths away,

As if flares of the sun had come off and landed right upon our world

We looked sideways to each other and our eyes shared disbelief, 

A bewildered laugh escaped your lips and I joined along,  

And soon enough, we were clutching our stomach as we laughed and laughed 

And our pure laughter bloomed in the darkness until tears sprang into my eyes

And your eyes sparkled and sang, 

Above the world, we stood up on our carpet

And splayed our hand in reckless submission to the caressing wind, 

The milky-moonlight seeped into our skin 

As we sailed to the horizon,

As we flew to our moon. 

my silk sonnets:

I move my arms slowly through the air, 
And imagine them as something spindly, 
Something wild and wondrous, 
Do I romanticize myself?
Very well, I romanticize,
My arms, that shimmers and moves with ethereal light,
Imagine my arms as long spider legs,
My eyes; as something devoid of light,
Pitch-pure black, a portal to a world of monsters,
And imagine even more as my mouth to be a dark alley, 
From which emerges two eyes; glowing in the dark, 
Coming closer and closer,
imagine , oh imagine,
As a snake takes it leap from my depths and takes my lovers on the neck;  
Coils around them lovingly; quite fondly
And kisses them a long beautiful kiss of two poisonous bite marks,
( I have a beautiful snake inside of me, it hisses, it takes, it has no mercy, )
All my lovers die from my poison, all my lovers die a vicious, deadly death
I move my arms lazily through the air
And imagine them to be long spider-y legs,
Can you see my mouth? Can you see my beautiful fangs? 
Well, can you?
And my long-voluminous abdomen?
( I carry dark hideous things within this spider body, do not come near me )
I intricate, I articulate, I release, 
Silk threads, silk sonnets 
Out into world from a black mysterious depth within my being
Can’t you see? My poetry is my home, my poetry in my web   
And do you not know that I, a poet, am in fact a spider?

ten things that make me happy!

  1. moments. no, not with people. with God, yes. those moments when you see God’s design with clear eyes. like, waking up in the middle of the night, confused and bewildered at this invisible hand leading you up to the roof, staring up at the sky and forgetting your fears, your desires, yourself and knowing only that the star up above, shine and burn with divine energy pulsating in their veins. u return to the world as well, with divine energy rushing through your veins. sitting before a clear pond, in awe at it’s stillness…at it’s existence, learning from its silence.
  2. praying tahajud. so tahajud is waking up at 4 o clock in the morning and praying to God( islam). not just tahajud honestly but any prayer. there was a time in my life…when i would cry my head off every single time before i went to bed. And prayer was the only thing that brought me peace. so yeah, prayer makes me happy. but happy is a shallow empty word. i would say…prayer gives me peace
  3. rummaging my hands through the dark crevices of myself, snatching whimpering, quivering unknown creatures and weaving them into something extravagant. battling my monsters, my daemons with my quill
  4. walking around my roof at 5 o clock in the morning like a weirdo with nothing better to do and just….ahhhh, listening to the sound of birds, roosters. getting just struck by the sky…how God weaves it so differently everyday is BEYOND me. it makes you care less honestly.
  5. reading POETRY. i will never realize what it is about poetry that…kills me every time. stronger than before. just…its the biggest mystery…when i realize why i am so enthralled my poetry…i will tell ye guys but till then, enjoy it with me i guess.
  6. nature. looking at leaves and getting thrilled by how god must have designed the arteries, veins. looking at trees and realizing that every single shard of light that made its way through the tree was completely under the supervision of God…how beautiful is that? like God is the director of this movie called life, where every drop of rain that falls onto the earth, falls into HIS palms, where every heart beats with his permission, where the sun rises and submits under HIS hands. ughhh…i cant possibly put this words whatever. hope u get what i was getting at.
  7. listening to music, AND NOT THE BULLSHIT POP MUSIC that always makes it way to the billboard charts. listening to pure music where you know the creator took out their feelings splayed them into their raw voice. THAT!!!. prime example…LORDE. she sings her heart out yara, its like…magical. and then of course, i love guloon main rang bahare. i dont think i will ever forget how beautifully that song was sung at coke studio and how…awfully beautifully its been written.
  8. going out of my way to do something for someone….sacrificing my needs, my desires for someone who needs it more…and maybe, doesn’t even appreciate it but still, doing it. it brings pure joy. it really does.
  9. travelling…going on an adventure. like, climbing a mountain or a broken Ferris wheel with your breathe loud in the silent air, or something as simple as taking long swings, running as well. walking through a forest.
  10. not giving a goddamned fuck. 🙂

so yeah. i went craziiie with this but whateve. anywho,

the rules:

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nayyana nair

alternative sundays


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home down the hill

As summer breeze, I whirl and twirl
O’er hills, basking in the dawn’s aroma;
Reapers carry their sickles, little curled
I, behind, tailing them, lass and grandma.

Down the hills, I swoon over sweet grass
Verdant lush valley, dew drops I adore;
They move swiftly, swift as ballet chasse
I, behind, tailing mother nature, the amor.

Along the brink, I flow along pearly brook
Babbling, rushing through reapers’ valley;
Pitchers filled, the journey again unhook
I, behind, tailing blue lad, my ally holy.

In the golden farmland, I caress the grains
In joyful amity, I rejoice and ramble again;
Binding them, they sing along a melody
I, sing along, waving to reapers’ rhapsody.


beautiful dreamer

beautiful dreamer, awake unto me
starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee
sounds of the rude world heard in the day,
lulled by the moonlight have long passed away
beautiful dreamer, queen of my song, 
list while i woo thee with soft melody
gone are the cares of life's busy throng
beautiful dreamer, awake unto me

beautiful dreamer, down by the sea,
mermaids are chanting the wide loreli
over the streamlets vapor are borne
waiting to fade at the wide coming morn
beautiful stranger, beam on my heart
E'en as the morn on the streamlets and sea
then will all clouds of sorrow depart
beautiful dreamer, awake unto me
beautiful dreamer, awake unto me
_ Stephen foster 

dress of light

A girl stands beneath the dark cathedral of an ancient tree
Engulfed in darkness
She reaches her hands up to the hidden sky, moves her hands lazily through the air,
Grazing the darkness with a strange lovely fondness,
And her body follows in unison,
moves in shimmering ripples in the dark held captive by her silent secret song
her bare feet begin to spin,
stumble about each other in bewilderment,
searching for some hidden meaning in the details of the cold marble floor,
the laughter of her payal echoes through the darkness
and somewhere a breeze awakens,
blows over the dazed lost canopy,
so that, all of a sudden, a thousand tiny skies appear in the dark world of the tree
and light finally makes its way through the hollow hallways,
Jump from one leaf to the other and fall, finally
Like hundreds of waterfalls upon the ground
Where the girl continues to dance,
Swirl in her ecstatic beautiful bliss
Her long flowing skirt failing to catch up to her ferocious speed,
Stealing bits of light in a cheerful mischief,
The ring of her nose twinkling like a secret star hiding and materializing in the dark,
the girl stops, all of sudden,
and the dust sparkles upwards in surprise
she stands still, clad in a dress of light and darkness,
slowly reaches her hands upward towards the sky in desire,
comes away, holding a tiny delicate shard on the very tip of her fingers

and lost birds begin to sing from chambers deep in the kingdom of the tree, singing her silent secret song
she looks up in recognition, her olive face washed alight in the vibrant rays
and holds the embrace of the tree in the golden irises of her eyes,
a dark cathedral hiding her soul beneath

the girl dances on through centuries, never tiring,
and the leaves grow crisps and crimson praising her fierce beauty
until finally, they fall one by one
like defeated lovers at her feet
so that the sun glimmers upon her untouched skin,
and she stands alone,
in her dress of light

A Thousand Hushed Dreams

Cereus Florus

My index finger points to the azure sky.
The fading white cotton clouds have left mysterious musical musings behind ;
The blue ecstasies trail behind when you lift your quiet eyelids to the sky.
The silence embraces your gaze, your eyelashes
While your eyes mirror the azure shade ;
they make a home for our thousand hushed dreams.

Through the beveled glass, sunshine glimmers on the floor ;
A new dream basks away in the morning’s orange warmth.
Your touch sings unsung ballads of Spring,
Yet to be etched in a poet’s memories.
My quill grasps one imagery for my verses every time I hold your hand in mine,
Every time the Moon and the lonely stars align ;
They make a home for our thousand hushed dreams.

We stroll along with the lovelorn breeze ;
The muse kisses your face, Nature’s precious foundling.
The horizon shifts in your…

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